Skills / Application

Accounting for taxes

Basic period

Capital gain task

Capital gain task

Computation of company taxes

Loss relief

Luxury tax


Stamp duties

Tax administration

Tax appeal

Taxation of investment income


Withholding tax

Regulatory Framework

Accounting and Reporting Concepts

IAS1 (Presentation of Financial Statement)

IAS10 (Events After the Reporting Period)

IAS2 (Inventories)

IAS16 (Property, Plant and Equipment)

IAS38 (Intangible Asset)

IAS36 (Impairment of Asset)

IAS40 (Investment Property)

IFRS5 (Noncurrent Asset Held for Sales)

IAS8 (Accounting Policies, Estimates and Errors)

IAS23 (Borrowing Cost)

IAS20 (Government Grant and Assistance)

IAS37 (Provisions, Contigent Asset and Liabilities)

IFRS13 (Fair Value Measurement)

IAS12 (Income Tax)

IAS33 (Earnings Per Share)

IAS24 (Related Party Transactions)

IFRS15 (Revenue from Contract Customers)

IFRS16 (Lease)

Financial Instrument

IAS7 (Statement of Cashflows)

Published Account

Consolidated Financial Statement (Group Account)

Analysis and Interpretations of Financial Statements

Ethics and Current Developments in Financial Reporting

Introduction to Strategic Management

Cost Planning and Control

Quality and Quality Cost

Marginal and Absorption Costing

Learning and Experience Curve Theory

Relevant Costing

Limiting Factor

Linear Programming

Cost Volume Profit (C.V.P) Analysis

Divisional Performance

Pricing Decisions

Transfer Pricing

Performance Analysis and Measurement

Budgeting and Budgetary Control

Standard Costing

Working Capital Management

Capital Budgeting

Risk and Uncertainties Decision Making

Asset Replacement Theory

Strategic Models and Performance Management

Information Systems and Performance Management

Implementing Performance Management Systems

Introduction to Public Sector Accounting and Finance

Towards National Fiscal Responsibility

Ethical Issues in Public Sector Accounting

Professional Pronouncement on Government Accounting

Pension and Gratuity

Emerging Issues in Nigeria Public Sector

Standardization of Government Reporting in Nigeria

Budgeting and Budgetary Control

Transparency and Accountability in The Public Sector

Financial Responsibilities of Public Sector Officers

Sources of Government Revenue

Authorization of Government Expenditures and Financial Control of Public Sector Revenue

Preparation of Vouchers

Functions of The Cash Office and Subsidiary Account

Preparation of Monthly Transcript

Stores Accounting and Loss of Government Funds

Cash Management

Public Sector Audit

Preparation of Statutory Financial Statement for Government in Accordance to Cash Basis

Accounting for The Local Government

IPSAS33 (First Time Adoption of Accrual Basis)

Accounting for Public Sector Organization

Interpretations of Public Sector Financial Statement

Public Finance

Public Debt

Fiscal Federalism

Project Appraisal in Public Sector

Emerging Issues in Public Finance

International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS)

Strategy, Stakeholders and Mission

Strategy Implementation

Functional Strategy

Environmental Analysis

Internal Analysis

Competitive Forces

Competitive Advantage

Method of Development

Identifying and Assessing Risk

Controlling Risk

Scope of Governance

Approaches to Corporate Governance

Board of Directors

Directors Remuneration

Reporting and Disclosure

Ethical Theories

Ethics and Social Responsibility

Professional Practice and Codes of Ethics

Conflict of Interest and Ethical Conflict Resolution

Social and Environmental Issues in Ethics & Business

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